August 09, 2019 at 12:39AM

Drawing Near – Day 4 (Thursday, August 8, 2019)

Today we had communion, which is probably one of the easier places to see worship. However, this time, we were encouraged to try it a slightly different way. Rather than the typical delivery of bread and wine from the front of the church, each member of our team took a full slice of bread and a cup of wine (aka grape juice), and walked around the room serving each other. Each time our eyes met another’s, we took a minute to say what difference Christ’s life, death, and ressurection has made in our lives before tearing off a piece of our own slice and serving it to the other person. I’ve never understood so quickly and so wholly the power of Jesus to bring people together. We, an already fairly diverse team, came from all over the world, from all different stories, through so many trials, and through death itself with Jesus to a new life here and now, one which sees us sharing his love so far from home with people who are just as unique as us. And together, we worship.

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