August 07, 2019 at 11:06PM

Drawing Near – Day 3

This past year, the Serpent River community installed a play park behind the lifestyle centre that serves as our shelter and base of operations for camp. For the kids, it’s an oasis. They always wanna play on that thing–and when they blaze through whatever activity we leaders have planned, it’s a good fallback for us as well. I’ve been working with one child, Jonny (not his real name), who has anger management issues. He’s been better this year, but still flew off the handle a few times a day. Today however, as we played at the park together, and I pushed him on the swing, he was comfortable with me, and happy as could be. We’ve been reminded many times this trip that, more than words or actions, people remember how you made them feel. We’re here to build relationships because we care about these children and their community, just like Jesus does. In his ministry on Earth, he spent so much time building relationships–pouring into his disciples and spending time with them. Relationships take patience and dedication–no one time on the swings will show a child how much Jesus loves them–but I’m happy to have the opportunity to follow my king and build relationships in his image. I love the moment and look to the future, and in doing so, I worship.

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