August 06, 2019 at 11:30PM

Drawing Near – Day 2

Today was the first day of daycamp and boy did it go off with a bang. Hypothetically, it probably wouldn’t have been hard to pick a moment of worship to reflect on today amidst the Jesus-centred camp fun, but boy oh boy was it hectic. What that means is that the standout moment has ended up being a quieter one. In the afternoon, after most of the kids went to the park, I (Cricket) stayed back with some of the older campers and we did some cooking together, our goal being chicken alfredo. While we’re not gonna win Master Chef any time soon, this time of collaboration and teaching meant a lot to me, and really reminded me what a Christ-centred attitude looks like in this kind of work. We were gathered around food–not so unlike Jesus and his disciples on that Last Supper or Ressurection Fish Fry–enjoying each others’ company, and looking to the future, where relationships may have grown and skill may have been learned. And in doing so, we worshipped.

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