August 05, 2019 at 11:20PM

I’m pleased to say that this week I’m partnering with the blog Confessions from Crickets (link in bio) for a series of posts reflecting on mine and the authors’ experiences with worship on our trip to the Serpent River First Nation. Check the link for more info and keep reading for today’s reflection!
Drawing Near – Day 1
Today, being a holiday in Canada, was still a day of relative rest, compared to the stress of the next few days. We spent a lot of the day at the local beach, Stockwater, playing with children from the community and our fellow teammates. Early in the afternoon, one of our team members, sitting on a chair submerged in the water, joked about sitting on water, just as Jesus had walked on it. The fact that even our jokes bleed Jesus is a silly little thing, but it makes me think about what it really means to have Jesus as the centre of our lives. Yeah it’s silly–the rest of the time was too–but in these moments of fun, laughter, vulnerability, and frienship, we worship.
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